Light Gestures – Desert Light

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This is from a series of images of the yucca plant made in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My interest is in the light radiating from the stems and leaves.  See complete folio>>>

3 Responses to Light Gestures – Desert Light

  1. Don Copeland says:

    Doug, I find pleasure looking at your work, how you continue to use light to paint the viewfinder. Your brush strokes have come a long way from the fluorescent lights in the elevators at Bethel. Were those the beginning stages of your current work? I haven’t seen much of your work since then, so am wondering if you have stuck to that concept all these years or are coming back to it. Keep pushing it.

    • Douglas Barkey says:

      Don, thanks for your comment! You know that is really interesting, because I had forgotten about those images of the lights! I think, yes, it is a continued interest in the traces of light and the overlapping shapes it creates, but this more recent work sort of peels the reflected light off of the objects and changes it’s form.

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