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Resurrection, Easter 2013

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Landscape Photography – Three Photographers, Three Visions

(Puche, 2013b) The landscape of nature is like the human figure – it is a subject with endless possibilities for expression. Photographs of the environment can be appreciated simply for their depiction of beauty; they can reveal truths about our … Continue reading

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Cinema: Lore – The veracity of photography

Photography plays a leading role in “Lore”, a film by Cate Shortland, as a key weapon used to ¬†win the peace for the Allies in the aftermath of the Nazi demise in Germany. The same photographs make an appearance within … Continue reading

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Critical Review: Maggie Taylor at Candela Gallery – “Subject to Change”

The exhibit of Maggie Taylor’s work, “Subject to Change” at Candela Gallery in Richmond, Virginia, is an intriguing and fanciful collection of photographs that seem like artifacts unearthed from the Victorian era and re-assembled by a surrealist archaeologist. Taylor’s images … Continue reading

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