Photography – in – Progress: Freeway Garden

The topic that interests me in these photographs is the intersection between nature and industry; the seeming chaos of industrial construction as it spills across sedate fields of corn and sunflowers to eventually become a ribbon of concrete and steel that millions will ride to their destination. There is an edge to these types of locations where organic life seems superflous, but somehow remains steadfast and will most likely persist after the concrete has crumbled and the steel has rusted away.   See more…

© All photographs Douglas Barkey, 2011

About Douglas Barkey

Director of Teaching and Learning Effectiveness The Art Institutes Photographer, Artist
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2 Responses to Photography – in – Progress: Freeway Garden

  1. gabietenberg says:

    I know I may have said this before, but your writing is as beautifully poetic as your pictures.

  2. Douglas Barkey says:

    Thanks, Gabi, I appreciate your comments!

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