Photography – in – Progress: Forest Reflection

© Douglas Barkey, 2012

…something I’m trying out…merging two realities inside one moment.

About Douglas Barkey

Director of Teaching and Learning Effectiveness The Art Institutes Photographer, Artist
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5 Responses to Photography – in – Progress: Forest Reflection

  1. gabietenberg says:

    It works! Great picture. That is my first reaction. Why? Several factors are combining to make the picture speak to me in a familiar vernacular. The two trees guide me and keep me grounded in this reality while I investigate the content in the reflection–a passage to another structured dimension. The light and hues provoke association of feelings within the space that is somewhat mysterious and welcoming.

  2. Great concept! I really feel that I will travel through time if I went through this mirror.

  3. Douglas Barkey says:

    Good, I am glad that it is clear that it represents another time and reality.

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  5. Autumn Osborne says:

    This is very interesting, I love that you went outside the box here and created something that showed traveling through time. I can feel this, it’s as if I could walk up to that mirror and place my hand through it in pure curiosity, then place my head in to see what’s inside, and finally allowing myself to walk into the unknown. I like how you had the mirror in the center causing me to keep my attention on the important part of this image, but allowed me to view past the image if I wanted to. I did as well look past the mirror as if I would see something there from another time. Wouldn’t that be fun to have someone dressed up from a past time, and have this person in the distance, just a thought? I enjoyed the lighting here and I feel it adds to the overall fee; It’s very mysterious, and testing you to just reach out and touch it, as your mind screams DON’T TRUST IT! Very creative.

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