Portfolio Selections – Sabal Rhapsis Rhythm

© Douglas Barkey 2011

From Light Gestures Palm Folio. See more….

About Douglas Barkey

Director of Teaching and Learning Effectiveness The Art Institutes Photographer, Artist
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3 Responses to Portfolio Selections – Sabal Rhapsis Rhythm

  1. gabietenberg says:

    I have been a admiring your movement pictures since I first saw them over one year ago. This particular one has a very engaging rhythm caused by the hues, lines, shapes and almost three dimensional spectrum. As we generally associate what we see visually, at least my brain does, with past memories–either suppressed or compartmentalized, this particular image reminds me of my first Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The movement and color of a Samba. It is a beautiful visual dance.

  2. Douglas Barkey says:

    That is interesting about the samba, but yes, you are right I think that the regular overlapping patterns provide a hit of a musical beat.

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