Palermo, Buenos Aires – Parque Las Heras

My memory of Buenos Aires is a network grid of memory strands that over time have loosened and been refastened into a random pattern of time and place. My experience once had the logical clarity of an 18-year old – everything aligned perfectly to a limited worldview. There are things that I see, smell, and hear that bring back sharply the reality I once was part of.

Photo of netting


Voices, conversations floating in the street…intonations… are like the melody of an old hit song that suddenly plays on the radio…the broken strand is repaired …not exactly squared up, but still there. Simple gestures….calling for a bus to stop… playback a way of life.

Many of the photographs that I captured today are simply reaffirmations of an experience I took for granted, thought I understood…you get older and you realize how little you once knew and how little you know now. These images are apparitions – the ghosts of time past.

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Director of Teaching and Learning Effectiveness The Art Institutes Photographer, Artist
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4 Responses to Palermo, Buenos Aires – Parque Las Heras

  1. gabietenberg says:

    Reading your post yesterday Doug, produced several emotions within my being. It is quite remarkable that my life story shares several similar elements with yours, and within a similar window of time. I also was raised and grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My memories of my first camera given to me by both my parents, a Pentax K-1000, and learning how to use it–suddenly returned to me from stored section in my mind, after reading your blog post. I have not returned to Argentina since that time, and your writing and these photographs assure me this is something I must also do. I read your poetic words, look at your delightful pictures, see you looking out of that car window and must walk away to stop tears from streaming further and becoming denser. I long to hear those characteristic sounds and smells so unique and typical of Buenos Aires. I would have loved to have taken this journey with you. I hope to embark on my own soon. Looking forward to your next post. Disfruta! Be well. Peace.

  2. dougbarkey says:

    I hope you are able to make a trip soon, Gabi!

  3. gabietenberg says:

    I hope so too, Doug!
    Looking forward to your next post.

  4. Ward Ruh says:

    I dugg some of you post as I cogitated they were extremely helpful very helpful

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