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Photography – in – Progress: Mountain Landscapes

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Last Reflections… My Journey Back…

Ezeiza airport, Buenos Aires –  I included my trip back to Argentina after a 33 – year absence in this blog on photography, because I wanted a space to process how photography helps us understand and know our experiences. La Bodega … Continue reading

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Sacred Obsessions – The Power of the Dead in Argentine Culture

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2011-  It is hard to travel anywhere in Argentina without encountering evidence of a culture with an “eternal fascination with the deceased” that extends far beyond the walls of the famed Recoleta cemetery into the most remote … Continue reading

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The Last Cup of Coffee…

Palermo, Buenos Aires –  Café con leche, cafecito, jarrita de café….next to máte, taking time to savor an expresso or coffee with milk is a frequent Argentine pastime. For fun I photographed each of my coffee breaks with my Iphone.  A few … Continue reading

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Plaza de Mayo – President Kirchner’s “Fiesta Patria Popular”

Casa Rosada, Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires – This type of event would have been unheard of 30 years ago in front of La Casa Rosada or anywhere else…. The day before I left Argentina 33 years ago was when … Continue reading

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Cuesta de Miranda

Villa Union to Chilecito, La Rioja – Cuesta de Miranda has been a communication  and travel route since pre-hispanic times. The mountain overpass has seen several battles including the famous Batalla de Cuesta de Miranda between the federales and the … Continue reading

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Mendoza – Norton Malbec

Bodega Norton Malbec, Mendoza – 

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