Back to School at Lincoln – La Lucila, Buenos Aires

Lincoln Collage

Collage painting by Ines, a Senior art student at Lincoln

I suppose not everyone waits 33 years to return to their high school, but I did.

It didn’t start out well as I arrived 30 minutes late having taken the train and gone on a detour created by an ill-informed and inaccurate memory map.  But Mrs. Sicotte seemed glad to have me there for a critique of several advanced students, so I was spared the “glad you could join us today” from Mr/s. (put your high school teacher’s name here) that I would have gotten in another era. The first thing I thought when I looked at their artwork was that I wasn’t this good when I was their age….

It’s good to go back to your old high school and see how much things have improved!


Entryway to the old high school

I photographed this entry many times and it was featured in the yearbook. Back then the sunlight would stream through the wrought iron door grate and create a magical play of light and shadow on the floor. I wasn’t patient enough this time to wait around for the light.


...the old high school entrance to "the mansion"

The new entry to the high school


...a balcony we used to hang out on...


I walked the old neighborhood in-between presentation sessions. The cars were newer, the streets were dirtier…

Presentation in the Magna Auditorium - thanks for the photos, Peter!

There were a lot of questions about how to get into art school and what to put into a portfolio. It reminded me how mysterious and obtuse the realities of higher education seem at that age.

There was lots of discussion about the differences between digital and silver photography and how digital tools impact an artist’s approach and practice.

It was a great experience and I think I was helpful to the students. Thanks for the Lincoln coffee mug – my coffee tasted better this morning!

Download presentation in PDF format

It was a long day. I didn’t get back until 11pm, because I also gave a presentation to the faculty at the Escuela Argentina de Fotografía on learning-centered teaching and online learning. The irony – I didn’t manage to get any photographs of that event!

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4 Responses to Back to School at Lincoln – La Lucila, Buenos Aires

  1. gabietenberg says:

    It looks and sounds as a very exciting and productive presentation. Your work, Doug, still looks beautiful! Las puertas y las percianas… Que divino!
    Are students graduating from la Escuela de Fotografia, mostly going to photojournalism careers. I know of two very successful art photographers from Argentina–one of whom made a name for herself in the NYC art scene/world Alejandra Sanguinetti. Looking forward to more posts. Thank you-

  2. Mark Steven says:


    Thoroughly enjoying and appreciating your pics and thoughtful commentary. I only spent 15 short months in BA, and but one full school year at Lincoln (Junior, ’76-’77), but to this day it remains among the most enjoyable and formative of my life. There was just “something” about that time and place I have carried with me for a lifetime.

    Thank you for shining a warm light into a favorite corner.

    Mark Steven

    • dougbarkey says:

      Hey Mark! Nice to know that you have been looking at the images and reading! I agree, we were really fortunate to have such a unique high school experience. I think the teachers inspired us in ways that we did not realize until many years later.

  3. Dane Caraker says:

    Keep working ,great job!

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