Cuesta de Miranda

Villa Union to Chilecito, La Rioja –

Cuesta de Miranda has been a communication  and travel route since pre-hispanic times. The mountain overpass has seen several battles including the famous Batalla de Cuesta de Miranda between the federales and the montoneros (they won) in 1867.

The 114, 80-curve gravel road was built in 1920 by Italian engineer Vicente Balloli and connects Villa Union and Chilecito. It is slow going around the treacherous precipice dropoffs, but the views are spectacular. I have now added my photographs to the large collection already floating around the Internet of this historic quebrada.



When you photograph a grandiose landscape like this with deep space and panoramic views it gives you a lot of respect for the photographers that are able to translate this landscape into the two-dimensional space of a photograph and still convey the drama of the space.

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5 Responses to Cuesta de Miranda

  1. gabietenberg says:

    Sure. However, you did a terrific job at showing us the essence of this wonderful place.

  2. Esteban says:

    and you reminded me of the multitude of times we crossed that quebrada at what seemed break neck speed. as a kid danger never seemed so real. any thoughts about villa union?

    • dougbarkey says:

      Villa Union is now a travel destination and base for visiting northwest Argentina…Valle de la Luna, Talampaya, and other natural sites. There are several new hotels and many restaurants…..where there used to be nothing!

  3. Would love to always get updated great weblog!

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