The Last Cup of Coffee…

Palermo, Buenos Aires – 

Café con lechecafecitojarrita de café….next to máte, taking time to savor an expresso or coffee with milk is a frequent Argentine pastime.

First Cup

For fun I photographed each of my coffee breaks with my Iphone.  A few did get away from me….

Second Cup

Having a cafecito is a visual and auditory experience. The white linen tablecloth, the murmur of the other conversations, the slight foam that crests the cup, tearing open the sugar packets (what happened to the cubes by the way?)…. the bittersweet taste of my last cafecito in Palermo.

Third Cup

Sitting at a sidewalk café is about a different pace of life. It is a lifestyle where you are out of the isolation of the suburbs and into the life of the street – having a conversation, watching people stroll by…having someone serve you the coffee.

Fourth Cup

We’re all business all the time in the U.S. and everything has to be so organized…we’ve got to have a franchise that brands the sidewalk café as their own.

Fifth Cup

Well, coffee in a little white cup perched on a small wooden table on a Buenos Aires sidewalk wins the competition hands down.

Last Cup

So, my last coffee is a tribute to slowing down and living in the moment.

About Douglas Barkey

Director of Teaching and Learning Effectiveness The Art Institutes Photographer, Artist
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6 Responses to The Last Cup of Coffee…

  1. gabietenberg says:

    Se me hace agua a la boca.
    Las medialunas y el cafecito, que divino.
    Que vida…

  2. dougbarkey says:

    …las medialunas argentinas tienen un sabor unico y con café son mas ricos todavia….

  3. Esteban says:

    Que ansiedad de volver y tomar un cafe con algun amigo de mi juventud.

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